"The Art of Embodied Awareness offers intuitive life and business coaching, energy transformation and live trainings to move you beyond limitation, unwellness or difficulty into the fullest expression of you. Call us at 403-702-6730 to discover how quickly and dynamically you can create change in any area of your life!"

Are you ready to step into total awareness, and create the life, business and body you desire?


Embodiment is a state of being fully present and alive: awareness involves becoming conscious of all that you are and all that is possible.  The Art of Embodied Awareness offers intuitive guidance, coaching and energy transformation; in health and wellness, business expansion and life creation.  Are you ready to move beyond your limitations, become aware of all that you be, and create what you truly desire?

About Ariadne

My name is Ariadne Sassafrass. I am an energy transformation expert who has facilitated people worldwide to create different possibilities in living and creating their life; healing and loving bodies and expanding businesses beyond limitation. I desire to empower you to step into embodying your awareness so that you can become the greatness of you and create whatever it is you desire.

My Unique Approaches

My approaches are founded in energy transformation, intuition and awareness. I can shift energetic blocks that are holding your limitations in place and empower you to open to expansive possibilities.  I coach you to embody your own knowing and clarity, assist you to become aware of where you stand in your own way and help you get unstuck.  I empower you to receive fullest potential and step into the most conscious version of you.

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