Access Your Awareness offers a myriad of classes as well as private one on one sessions that can create new possibilities for you: and inspire and enable you to be the amazing being you truly be. Free_Scenery_Wallpaper__Includes_Dandelion_and_Butterfly_Doing_Good_to_Protect_the_Eyes

What if you realized all that you are an Extraordinary Being without Limitation?  How would your life be different? Would you embody optimum health? Could life be an adventure that was easy and joyful?  Would you generate more money and abundance? Could your business thrive? Would your relationships be blissful and fun? What if you would receive all that you desire? What else is possible?  


My name is Ariadne Sassafrass.
I am a published Internationally Best Selling Author, a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, and Energy Transformation Expert.
I would like to invite you to a new possibility: A Different way of Functioning – from Awareness.  When you function from awareness you can truly perceive, receive and know what actually is in any and all situations.  You can be aware of everything that is going on – and anytime you’re aware of what’s actually going on you can address what’s actually there.  This pertains to any challenge you may be facing in your life. What if life was actually a joyful adventure? What if the Universe was Prosperous and wanted to gift you everything you actually desire? What if aging, disease, unhappiness and struggle and scarcity were all lies that you were impelled upon you to keep you limited and unaware. What if something else was possible than the limited reality you have been living in? If you unplugged your belief systems from the status quo and opened up to your infinite potential to receive health and well being could your life be full of joy, ease and grace? What if choosing more of yourself and moving into your amazing unlimited potential was a fun experience? What if the “medicine” you required to heal your illness or release pain in your body was a shift in your energy and you becoming more aware?

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For any complication to be occurring in your life there is a lack of consciousness or awareness that is creating it.  We’ve been taught to use our minds as though they are the creation of our life. In actuality,  our minds have been constructed as mechanisms that hold limitation and prevent us from receiving and being all that we be. What if everything was actually possible, especially all of those things you were sold, that just weren’t possible and all you had to do was become aware and choose something different? Would you consider the possibility that you already know everything? What if your knowing was an instantaneous awareness – happening as soon as you think something or as soon as you ask something?  Even when someone else asks you a question, you instantly receive an awareness of what it is they are asking you about.  That is how amazing you naturally be, and how powerful you be.  What could be possible in your life if you actually created from awareness? Sure perfection is a place many of us have been programmed to strive for: however what if all of AMAZING YOU was way beyond perfection? One of my targets with my clients is to inspire them to really receive who they be: with amazing tools and questions, I can facilitate you out of where you are unaware of the fact that you are choosing unconsciousness so that you can embrace your innate ability to be aware and know all that is required for you to create whatever it is that you desire. Of course, having sought spiritual and personal development for over a decade, and born naturally aware and intuitive, I am certainly happy to share my awareness with you so that you can be led to receive more of you should you require guidance or healing. Professionally, contributing to people as a healer and workshop facilitator for over 6 years, (non professionally for over 15 years) has been such a rewarding experience. What I have come to realize is that the journey to becoming whole is different for everyone: that we all of talents and capabilities: that we might not even require healing, because, there was never anything really wrong with us.


My training and experiences in spirituality only compliment my coaching and facilitation practice.  It has led me to where I am and how I be today.  It has enabled me to gather effective tools and techniques that can contribute to clearing energy which isn’t contributing to you while facilitating you to receive, new possibilities and empowering you to create whatever it is you desire to in your life. I am trained in a gamut of most effective energy transformation modalities.  I have had the capacity to facilitate people to a better state of being at a young age often just by being around them as well as through the healing power of touch.  Beginning with Reiki and Shamanism years ago: then discovering Yuen Method TR*, followed by Theta Healing tm**: ( two potent, creative edge, non touch, alternative health and wellness approaches that are grounded in the extraordinary power of Intuition, Psychic and Energetic Awareness.) I know find myself playing with all the tools and techniques and body energy processes of Access Consciousness. All of these approaches are potent, creative edge, non touch, alternative health approaches that are grounded in the extraordinary power of Intuition and Psychic Awareness.  Access Consciousness is such a revolutionary way to being and holds such profound possibilities for one to really release all limitation and hidden obstacles in any and all areas of one’s life with such efficacy allowing miraculous results to manifest almost instantly. I am a Certified Facilitator, Bars and Body Process Facilitator within Access Consciousness and find that the majority of courses I facilitate and private sessions I offer use the  Access Consciousness tools and approaches.  I am inspired and dedicated to raising global consciousness.  I am a gentle and dynamic being and have extensive experience working with children, teens and special needs adults. My work is amazing and effective: creating instant change and facilitating wellness and empowerment in each client’s well being.  How can I be the greatest contribution to you? My home base is currently in Slocan City, BC. Canada.  I travel throughout the world 0ffering consciousness expanding and activating workshops. I also offer one on one sessions in person or by distance (which are equally effective).(skype name:  ariadne.sassafrass1). If you would like to host a workshop,  I would be delighted to travel to your location.

*The Yuen Method Mastery is founded by Dr. Kam Yuen. Competently blending knowledge from: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, structural analysis, energy healing, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, intuitive understanding and quantum physics, the Yuen Method techniques have the potential to create instant lasting change. ** Theta Healing was created by Vianna Stibal.







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